Energy Savings Ideas

Have you ever considered how much the dust that’s gathering in your home is costing you in energy bills?

When dust builds up on the registers and vent covers in your home, for example, it becomes “insulation” that blocks the heat’s path into the room. The harder a heater has to work to keep your home warm, the more you pay in utility costs. So, as you look ahead at winter heating bills, a thorough dusting with special attention to registers and vent covers is a good idea. While you’re at it, is that furniture really where it needs to be? By rearranging a few pieces away from exterior walls and toward interior walls, you’ll feel less draft, stay warmer and be more comfortable. Get a little sunshine into the picture too. Open the drapes and let the sun’s natural warmth heat your room at no extra cost. Then close them at night as insulators to keep warmth in.

These are just a few natural, free ways to help reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort. Other small steps can also make a big difference. For example:

  • Set your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees. Better yet, install a programmable thermostat to set back the temperature while you’re away during the day, or when you’re asleep at night. A programmable thermostat can save up to $180 every year in energy costs.
  • Keep your heating system tuned-up to make sure it’s operating at its peak efficiency when cold weather comes in strong. Also, you’ll want it evaluated for any dangerous carbon monoxide leaks that may raise a concern.

It’s no news that energy costs are a big expense for homeowners. And not surprisingly, heating and cooling account for more than half of this amount. If you’d like to learn more about conserving energy in your home, call to request our free report titled, “Winter Energy Savers”.