Be Prepared for Cold Weather with a Winter Plumbing Inspection


When the full force of winter weather finally descends upon West Tennessee region, there are many home maintenance tasks to think about. From having your annual furnace tune up to ensuring your emergency kit is well stocked in advance of any winter storms. An equally important but often overlooked task is to schedule a winter plumbing inspection.

Importance of Winter Plumbing Inspection
Proper plumbing is important going into the winter season for a number of reasons:

Frozen Pipes: When pipes freeze, they often burst, causing a lot of damage that is expensive to repair. During a winter plumbing inspection, a certified plumber will be able to spot any trouble areas and make recommendations to help ensure that all your pipes are properly insulated.

Hot Water Tank Inspection: On a cold, snowy day the last thing you want to do is have to endure an ice cold shower. With a professional inspection, a plumber will assess your water heater and make recommendations for repairs or replacement to keep your showers hot all winter long.

Prevent Clogs: You’ll want to ensure that your pipes will be able to handle the increase in demand. Friendly Reminder: Never pour fat or grease down your sink—it can accumulate in your drain and cause clogs and backups.

Our Whole-Home Plumbing Inspection is only $50. During this inspection, our certified plumbers will inspect your water pressure, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, hot water tank, and main shutoff valve to ensure that your plumbing system is ready for whatever winter brings.

Schedule a service appointment with one of our plumbing professionals today and stay ahead of winter plumbing problems.

McCoy’s Heating and Air has provided reliable plumbing, heating, cooling and air quality service and installation in the West Tennessee areas since 1981. We are available for any of your plumbing needs and are happy to help you keep your pipes working all winter long.