Consumer Resources That MUST Be Bookmark About Air Conditioners

"According to 2015 data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), about 65% of US homes have central air conditioning, and another 27% use window-mount air conditioners. About 13% of homes don't have any A/C at all.

(If you're scratching your head as to why 105% of all homes responded, it's because a small percentage of homes use central air conditioning and window mount units.)

There's a wealth of information online about air conditioning. Our goal is not to add to that, but to help you navigate to the best writing among all the articles currently available. We've divided our list of resources into two parts:

  • Resources for people that already own an air conditioner and just want help getting the most out of it
  • Resources for people that are on the market to buy a new air conditioner and want to avoid the speed traps along the way"

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