Increase Water Pressure

Do you want to be the guy on the left or right? | Photo from Shower Reveiwer

Do you want to be the guy on the left or right? | Photo from Shower Reveiwer

Check the water meter:

Yes, you would assume it’s all the way on, but things happen. Be sure it’s operating at full strength capacity.

Check your main shut off valve at the street:

It’s not unusual to have work done and then slowly let water back into the pipes to ensure everything is okay. Sometimes it gets left in that position. Make sure it’s full on.

Check the pressure regulator:

Each home has a pressure regulator on its pipes to ensure water isn’t rushing into your home too quickly. If too much pressure is built up it can harm or blow our fixtures and faucets and possibly pipes. Pressure regulators make sure the 100 psi received from the water tower is reduced to between 70 psi and 45 psi before entering your home.

Inspect your pressure-reducing valve:

If your pressure test reads lower than 40 psi, see if you have a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) mounted on your water main. It needs to be adjusted correctly. Most come set from the factory for 50 psi, but you can adjust them up or down by turning a screw on top. PRVs can also go bad after 10 to 20 years and cause too little (or too much) pressure. So if yours is old, it might be time to replace it.

Check your faucets:

If you’re experiencing low or high water pressure, go outside and turn on the outside spigot. If that faucet is experiencing the same flow, then look to the previous tips. However, if the outside pressure is fine, you might need to replace washers or fixtures at the point of the variation in pressure. If you don’t know how, call our plumber today at 731-668-7492 or schedule a plumbing service on our app.

Could it be your pipes?

If you have sediment or dirt in your lines or buildup from many, many years of galvanized pipes, it may be time to re-pipe your home. This is not cheap, but can make all the difference in water pressure and comfort. Our certified or master plumbers can give you an estimate and take care of the project for you. Also, if you live in a newer home or home with new pipes and still having problems some of the pipes might be too small, so call us today for an inspection and diagnosis.

Installing Water Pressure Booster:

If your water department can’t deliver more pressure and you have a 3/4-in. or bigger copper or plastic water main coming into your house, consider installing a water pressure booster. It takes the water coming in from the street and increases its pressure by means of an electric pump and a pressure tank. A dial on top adjusts the pressure to an ideal setting of 45 to 55 psi. The tank holds a reserve of pressurized water so that the pump doesn’t have to run every time somebody opens a faucet. It also helps boost flow when the demand for water is high (like when your teenagers are all showering at the same time).

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