Our Affinity and Latitude gas furnaces, at just 33 in. high, lead the industry in efficient gas furnaces for homes

Innovation puts one of the industry’s highest ratings in a smaller 33-inch package.

Introducing a modulating design that feels right at home.

A furnace that fits every customer.

We’ve taken the industry-leading features of our Affinity™ and Latitude™ gas furnaces and reduced them to just 33 inches high. And with a precise modulating rate at .65% increments, our Affinity™ modulating furnaces keep your customers consistently at their ideal temperature. We call it improving on an already big idea. You’ll call it perfect for those tighter applications. We’ve also shortened your installation and maintenance time by using modular door panels to simplify airflow conversion and added a slide out blower motor for easier access.

The York® Affinity™ Series 9C Modulating Gas Furnace received high accolades from Consumers Digest—providing further recognition of superior York comfort. (Consumers Digest, October 2010 – PDF, 3.5 MB)

Impressive features that ease installation, while adding to your profits:

  • Save space in your customer’s place with a compact 33-inch cabinet Satisfy the homeowner’s comfort level with .65% increment firing rate on modulating Affinity™ models
  • Fit your buyer’s budget with 95% and up to 98%* AFUE high-efficiency or 80% AFUE mid-efficiency models
  • Sell the energy savings of ENERGY STAR®: qualification on YP9C and TM9V models
  • Provide any configuration with multi-position design
  • Get fast access with 1/4-quick-turn door latches
  • Protect your hands while servicing with double-folded edges
  • Simplify installation with patent-pending internal condensate management system on higher efficiency models

Comparing furnace features.

FeatureAffinity™ models Latitude™ models

Fan motorECM or standardStandard

Fan speedsConstant or variable-speedConstant

Door latches1/4-quick turn1/4-quick turn

Cabinet designStyledStandard

Firing ratesModulating .65% incrementsSingle-stage

Efficiency80% and up to 98%* AFUE80% or 95.5% AFUE

* AFUE no lower than 97.5% on all models with variable-speed motor and 97% on all models with PSC motor.