How Much Is Furnace Repair & Maintenance?

Waking up in the midst of winter to see your breath in a freezing house is an unwelcome surprise for any homeowner. What might be more unwelcome is an unexpectedly high repair bill to have the furnace fixed. Knowing the average cost to maintain or repair a furnace can help a homeowner plan and be prepared for the expense. The cost to maintain or fix a furnace will depend on several factors, which homeowners should keep in mind when the HVAC technician arrives at their doorsteps.


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The Average Cost of a Furnace Repair

The average price that homeowners pay for a furnace repair is $335. Most homeowners paid between $277 and $393 to have their furnaces fixed. At minimum, homeowners spent $100 for the furnace repair, while at the high end, the maximum cost was $800.

Considerations for Furnace Repair Costs

There are many variables in the cost of repairing a furnace. A furnace that is still under warranty may have parts covered, but the homeowner may have to pay the cost of a service visit and for labor. When a furnace is no longer under warranty, the cost will depend on what the problem is. A cracked heat exchanger or a problem with the motor, fan or wiring may cost more to fix due to the price of the replacement parts. The furnace's age, size and overall condition also factor into the repair cost.

Average Cost of Furnace Maintenance

Most heating and cooling companies recommend an annual fall tune-up to ensure the furnace is operating safely and efficiently. For a routine maintenance visit, homeowners should expect to pay around $100 with filters available for a fee.

Furnace Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

While many furnace repair activities are best left to experienced professionals, there are a few regular maintenance tasks that you can do yourself between professional visits. During the winter months, change the furnace filter every 30 days. Once each heating season, take off the air vent covers and clean them with a damp cloth. Use the vacuum extension hose to suck out the dust from around the vent opening. Replace the vent cover when finished. Doing this maintenance can help boost the furnace's efficiency and improve the home's air quality.