Propane Supplies Higher Than Last Year

The chilly weekend may have had you flipping on the furnace, but if you rely on propane to heat your home, experts say now is the time to plan for winter.

The Illinois Propane Gas Association says it's in better shape than this time last year with about 20 percent more propane on hand, this time around.

But experts say that could all change based on how often people run their furnaces, and if another so-called "polar vortex" hits.

For now, experts are advising you to contact suppliers and make a plan now, so you can budget in case there's another shortage this winter.

"There are several different payment plans, but I've talked to one marketer that says they've written more contracts this year than they have in past years so people are going out and they're buying...they're ahead from where they was last year," said John Tibbs of the Illinois Propane Gas Association.

Although farmers have been battling a wet start to harvest, experts tell us propane use for grain drying is down almost 40 percent this year.