Homeowner tips for furnaces

September is National Furnace Tune-up Month, just in time for homeowners to prepare for the upcoming seasons. Care and maintenance is sometimes forgotten when it comes to furnaces, and with cooler weather on its way, it’s important to remember.

The pilot light

Homeowners should remove any dust and debris located near the pilot light. Combustible material should never be stored near pilot lights or heat sources and should be in approved containers.

Replacing air filters

Air filters should be changed on a regular basis. The typical home should have the air filters changed every 60 to 90 days. It is good to change and inspect the air filter when the season changes. Homeowners with special respiratory needs or pets need to ensure they get the right filter for their HVAC system.

Inspecting the air ducts

Air ducts need to be inspected for any general maintenance issues that may have occurred over the summer. They should also be thoroughly cleaned before using the heater. Homeowners should also have ducts checked for proper sealing. If ducts are not sealed properly heat loss can occur causing the system to work harder and raising the utility bill.

“September is National Furnace Tune-up Month for a reason,” said John Hislop, owner of Aire Serv of North Wichita. “Colder weather will be here sooner than a lot of homeowners know. Now is the time to really start looking at heating systems and getting them ready before the cold weather arrives.”

Replacing Oil filters

Just like any air filter, oil filters need to be replaced so that the system will run at peak performance. If the systems oil filter is not changed out regularly, like the start of the fall or winter season, the fuel flowing into the system will not be clean.

Scheduling a professional

There are a lot of things that homeowners can do to get ready for the cooler weather. When it comes to needing a more thorough and detailed inspection the best thing to do is call a service professional who specializes in home maintenance services.

These homeowner tips for furnace tune-ups from Aire Serv will make homes ready to handle the fall and winter weather that is just around the corner.