Get Your Home Ready for Winter

As we get closer to the Winter months, now is the time to do a few things to get your home ready. If you have plants and animals outdoors, don’t forget to prepare their areas too. Below are a few tips and suggestions.

Furnaces should be serviced by a licensed specialist. Actually you should get your Units checked twice a year, once prior to the cold weather and once prior to the hot weather. They might need cleaning. If you have an indoor fireplace, you might want to clean it and prepare it for upcoming fires. If you have a gas starter in your fireplace, have it serviced too. If you have not had your chimney checked, you might want to have it checked out and/or cleaned.

Windows sometimes feel drafty? You might need to reseal them or even replace them. If they are really old, this is going to be more difficult, but a little caulking might help. Replacing windows with highly energy efficient ones will definitely help, but replacements are costly so you might have to budget for this. Most are double pane and insulated.

Ceiling fans need to be reversed if possible. In the winter mode, they draw air up, verses pushing air down for the summer.

Alarms should be on your check list too. Make sure the batteries are good. Test them per their instructions.

Additional insulation in your home can always help with heat and cold. If you have a poorly insulated home, it will get colder quicker. Have a local builder or handy person check this out or call an insulation company.

Now for protecting the three P’s we always hear on the news. Protecting your Pipes, Plants, and Pets. Here’s some ideas.

Wrap those pipes outside. There are devices at local stores that help insulate the facets too. Pumps in pump houses should be protected also. Insulate the pump house. Drain garden hoses.

Finally protect those outdoor plants. Build a green house, move them to a warmer area, build a cover for them, or use protective covering on those really freezing nights. And dear to my heart, protect your pets. Bring your pets indoors, build them a nice warm shelter, or provide heat lamps in a confined area.

Just a few tips to prepare for the up coming winter. Let’s hope the cool weather gets here soon, just not too cold!