Take Control of Your Comfort

How would your home fare in a Goldilocks test? Would it be something like, “This room is too cold, this room is too hot, but this room is just right?” Some of this “unevenness” can be caused by air leaks through ducts or in crawl spaces, attics and garages and can be addressed with proper sealing and insulation. But some homes would also benefit from zone control in their heating and cooling systems. Obviously, different spaces have different needs. For example, heat rises, which makes the second floor warmer than the first. Cool air heads downward, which makes the basement cooler than the main level. You can also add in which way the sun shines, which way the wind blows and where the windows are located.

It all adds up to multiple heating and cooling needs within one home. Zone control is most effective when large areas of the home are often unused or are on a different schedule than other parts of the home. Zoned control systems could be a good option if your home:

  • Has more than one level
  • Uses basements and attics as part of the living space
  • Has a design that includes a lot of glass, vaulted ceilings or lofts

If uneven heating and cooling is a problem in your home, give us a call. We’ll show you how you can better manage your heating and cooling needs, be more comfortable and save energy. Just give us a call.