Services Overview

service all makes and models, residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling equipment.

McCoy's Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to providing you with the best service possible.  Our Technicians are EPA certified and are capable of providing you with the highest level of customer care to ensure your family and business are comfortable and safe.

Preventive maintenance of your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment is vital to it's effectiveness and longevity.  We offer Preventive Maintenance Plans for both your home and place of business.  With our Maintenance Plans our maintenance customer receives No Service Charge, 20% discount on parts and labor, priority scheduling, regular service visits, scheduled filter changes and best of all Peace of Mind.

Our Service Agreement customers are people who know the value of having their systems running efficiently.  They know this will save them money on their utility bills and that regular maintenance could keep them from doing without their air conditioning or heat when they need it the most.  They also know they will receive discounts on parts and labor if needed and that they are on a priority status with us.

Our Service Agreement customers are the best and smartest in the country!