Residential Division

High Efficient Energy Saving Air Conditioners and Furnaces

High efficient furnaces and air conditioners will save utility cost and normally have better warranties.  The units are also designed to be a more comfortable fit for the occupants of the home or office.

Balanced Air Duct System

Air balance is important to the home to ensure that temperature is even throughout the space.  This is accomplished with proper sizing of the trunk line and balancing dampers installed in the run outs.  Rooms that are smaller such as bathrooms or small bedrooms may require less air,  and larger rooms with large windows or doors that lead to outdoors will require more air.  Installing dampers allows us to customize airflow in all areas of the home.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats, when properly setup and used can save as much as 30% of the cooling or heating cost in that system.

Air Tight Duct Systems

We use only the highest quality supplies from our suppliers such as stick-on takeoff collars with gaskets to ensure the most air tight duct system possible.

Properly Sized equipment and Duct Systems

At McCoy's, duct systems are designed to fit each home individually.  Manual J loads are doneto determine the size of the equipment to be installed,  and the required airflow on a room by room basis if required.